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Our focus is design.

Hatch Designs projects range from small to large, artisanal to ambitious, and from residential to small commercial, including additions, interior alterations, and green building design.   

Hatch Designs for you.

A comprehensive project would include the design of interiors and exteriors based on your wish list. Our personalized design meetings refine and guide your vision to work within the Ontario Building Code and City of Toronto Zoning By-law(s).  Hatch Designs will coordinate with engineers, HVAC designers, arborists, plumbers, and contractors to design and secure building permit(s) from the City of Toronto Building department.

Hatch Designs works with your designs.

Using your plans from another design professional or plans you have prepared yourself, Hatch Designs will apply our expertise to navigate the zoning by-law(s) and provide drawings for a building permit.  Hatch Designs specializes in navigating the Zoning By-law(s) of Toronto and has decades of experience representing clients at the Committee of Adjustment in Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough.  We're proud of our ability to innovate while working within existing by-laws.